Court Rolls of Romsley 1279-1643


Wednesday 13th September was a very auspicious day for the Romsley and Hunnington History Society. It was the day the book, Court Rolls of Romsley 1279-1643, edited by Matthew Tompkins, was launched. Many members of the Worcestershire Historical Society, who published the book, and members of Romsley and Hunnington History Society gathered in the Church Hall to celebrate the occasion.

Matthew Tompkins gave a talk explaining how it took him 10 years to transcribe and translate the rare Court Rolls of Romsley, which remarkably had survived for over 300 years. Fortunately, he had modern technology in the form of a digital camera to help him, but his task was by no means easy. The result is the very interesting book, which gives an insight into the lives of people living in Romsley over 700 years ago.

Julian Hunt then illustrated his talk with a wonderful selection of photographs of the local fields and the farms mentioned in the book. In spite of the weather, after a cup of tea and a delicious cake, he led a walk over the Rolling Hills, for those brave enough to venture out, to see the countryside for themselves.

Paul Share, the Chairman, concluded a very interesting afternoon by thanking everyone who had contributed to the book, which will be on sale at the History Society when it meets on Tuesday 26th September. He said there was still so much more information to be gathered that the Court Rolls Group would be kept busy for years!

The rolls from the 18th and 19th centuries are available to search on this website, see here.

Pat Evans

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