A History of Halesowen Abbey

Joseph Hunt accumulated a wealth of data about Halesowen Abbey, and developed a 60 minute lecture on the subject, which enjoyed a useful life on the West Midlands lecture circuit in the 1960s. The Revd. S.J. Wright, then Rector of St. Kenelm's Church, Romsley, suggested that he expand the story and serialise it in the Parish Magazine.

The expanded "History of Halesowen Abbey" attracted wider than village interest, and Mr. A.S. Hill, then Head of Dudley Teachers' Resource Centre, suggested that Joseph Hunt re-edit it for publication as an educational aid. It appeared first in book form in 1979 and was reprinted under the imprint of the Birmingham and Midland Institute some three years later.

In 1995, "A History of Halesowen Abbey" was prepared for publication by Mr. Eric Humphreys as Part XIV of Romsley and Hunnington History Society's "Some Papers Concerning the History of Romsley". This 1995 edition of "A History of Halesowen Abbey" is reproduced here with some minor alterations to suit the layout of a website.