Jenny Moore (Harris), 1970s

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley
Centenary Celebrations
1915 – 2015

Memories of Mrs Jenny Moore (nee Harris) - Pupil - 1971 to 1976


I have really fond memories of St Kenelm's School and experienced a very happy, primary education. When I reminisce with friends and family I always end up smiling and feeling grateful for an idyllic start to my life that seemed to be stress free and not hung up on pupil results and league tables.
The school was the two storey building that you currently see today but we had the addition of the mobile classrooms tucked away at the back of the school. However, I was more interested in the playground and playing field that seemed huge when you're a small child. Many a playtime was spent on the iron bars, twirling around and around and ending up side down with your feet in the air and your knickers on display!

Another significant memory was School Dinners. Mrs Kenny, Mrs Mound and Mrs Cross were our wonderful Dinner Ladies who ruled the Lunch Hall. They served up meals such as chocolate concrete accompanied with the now famous pink custard, individual ice-cream rolls wrapped in wax paper and cottage pie. Yummy! But not so yummy were the liver pieces floating in lumpy gravy. To this day, I still can't stomach liver, with its revolting smell and texture that just makes me heave.

The teaching staff, led by Mr Ruddick included Mrs Twigg, Mrs Hutchinson, Mr Carter, Mr Patience and my favourite, Mrs Powell. Mrs Powell seemed to make every child feel very special and she made learning such an adventure. She inspired her pupils to do their best and her lessons were always fun.
St Kenelm's is very dear to me and I feel very privileged to have come full circle and now work at the school as a Learning Support Assistant. Hopefully, I will be playing a part in creating memories for the current pupils.

Happy 100th Birthday St Kenelm's and wishing you another 100!


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