Riley Family, 1990s

St. Kenelm's C.E. Primary School, Romsley
Centenary Celebrations
1915 – 2015

Memories of Kov, John, Kaye and George Riley
Parents and Pupils – 1990s


  • Being absolutely ecstatic when you moved into Year 3 - Mrs Finnie was renowned for being the coolest teacher with her 'Kitty' stories, assembly songs and love of Ricky Martin. Not to mention having Mrs Roberts teaching on a Wednesday, with her Enid Blyton moral stories.
  • Christmas Week - Christmas plays, Christmas card making and calendars, the trip to the pantomime, Christmas party day and the Christmas post box (how many letters would you get a day?")
  • A "dinner lady" screeching "For what we are about to receive......" (In the loudest voice possible to human kind) and all the little school children replying with "May the Lord make us truly thankful, Amen"
  • The discos. Walking into school at 6 o'clock and feeling like you were in a nightclub as opposed to the hall where you'd done PE 3 hours previously. Extra bonus if your mom was helping on the sweet stall. The DJ throwing Haribo sweets on the floor into "the crowd" and being ecstatic if you'd managed to grab a fried egg or love heart, despite the shoe prints covering it. Delicious!
  • The relocation of classroom drawers after you'd taken them home following Parents' Evening. The desperation to get to school in time to get a top drawer spot - which automatically gained you celebrity status in the classroom.
  • The classic hair braid and badge making stand at the summer and Christmas fayres.
  • Endless trips to Worcester cathedral in Year 4 - it became a 2nd home.
  • Being ridiculously excited for the summer trip to Warwick castle or Twycross zoo, even though you'd already been 1,000,000 times before.
  • Wearing the brightest pair of knickers you owned during the summer, ready to impress the boys during the handstand competition.
  • Waiting anxiously for the "dinner lady" to go up and 'feel' the grass to see if it was dry enough to play on. The sheer elation when you saw her give you all 'the nod'
  • Knowing you'd hit the big time when you were asked to be a 'projector monitor' during hymn practice.
  • Being the register monitor was literally the best job you could be given. Being the milk monitor however, was the worst. Your hands would smell for days.
  • Savlon cream worked wonders. Scrape your knee? Savlon. Bump your head? Savlon. Poorly tummy? Rub in a bit of Savlon.
  • Being so excited that being in Year 4 meant that you could check out Goosebumps books from the library. Even though they didn't remotely interest you, you got one anyway. Just because you could.

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