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Meeting Report - June 2019

After a miserable, wet day 41 members attended the meeting of the Romsley and Hunnington History Society on Tuesday 25th June. The speaker was Ray Sturdy and the title of his talk was "Remembering the Swinging Sixties".

It is hard to believe that it was over 50 years ago, as for many of us it was the era of our youth. However, it seemed like only yesterday as we looked at Ray's fascinating slides, and the memories came flooding back. It was amazing, judging by the audience's reaction, how much we remembered about the faces, places and events of that time.

After the war it was like a new beginning and with the advent of television, home and overseas news was brought right into our living rooms. It was strange to realise that there were foreign conflicts and political confrontations, just as there are today. It was a time of expansion and world travel and they even managed to put a man on the moon! At home, rebuilding began with new houses and tower blocks. Larger roads called motorways began to emerge, getting us to places faster, as we got used to a new pace of life.

There was a new phenomenon in the music world, Rock and Roll and Pop Music. How young The Beatles and The Rolling Stones looked in their photographs! For many it was an exciting time of prosperity, with plenty of jobs and the freedom to try out new things, including the mini car and the mini skirt! It was a time of opportunity and optimism and we even won the Football World Cup! Looking back, the sixties were certainly swinging in more ways than one and Ray Sturdy's presentation uplifted our spirits too, just remembering the old times.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 23rd July when the speaker will be Gillian Ellis. She will be giving a talk about Selly Manor – The Cadbury Connection.

Everyone is welcome
Pat Evans

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